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Gettin' Legged Up

A buddy of mine always uses the term "gettin' legged up" whenever he talks about getting things ready. This is predominately when referring to a fishing or hiking trip. I think he heard it on Steven Rinella's podcast or show once. (Thanks Steven, I think.) This is me gettin' legged up. I built the damn site. I'm gonna use it. Or at least try to.

Most of the stuff that I think I'm going to put on here is going to be generically about the things that interest me. If they interest you then bully. When it comes to interests I'm all over the map. I'm not quite a goldfish but whatever the link between a goldfish and a chimp is; that's me.

So I'm gettin' legged up. Like a lot of people, I think, one of the best parts about any endeavor is getting started. There's a lot of excitement in the getting ready. There's a lot of excitement in the possibility. It's a lot like the night before a field trip to a museum or historic village or factory that makes potato chips.

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